4th of July Down Under

Here on the underside of the world, it’s usually raining for 4th of July celebrations. But this year the weather gods didn’t dampen the party, and a big crowd of our U.S. pals turned up at Kardinya (just south of Perth) for the annual A.W.C. Fair. If the hot dogs, popcorn, donuts, candy, Millers and salsa sauce didn’t stir up the homesickness, the bouncy castle sure would.

Rumours that Elvis arrived in the big ole ‘Tupelo’ Cadillac were eventually dispelled… but it would have explained the ‘sold out’ sign at the Krispy Kreme counter.

Paul and I waited in line for a hotdog, and dressed in patriotic colours for the occasion. We even affixed a U.S. flag to the back aerial, embassy-style. Happy Birthday Uncle Sam.

Snaps of Tbirds, Mustangs, Cadillacs, Jeeps and assorted sights here.

4 Responses to “4th of July Down Under”

  1. Avatar for Jeff Jeff says:

    Good stuff Paul! It’s a great site!
    You and Trace look fantastic – you really look the part, like a coupla yanks!!
    Have a great day,

  2. Avatar for Bill Bill says:

    Looks like it was a great day, wish I could have been there! I did manage to catch a glimpse of the pink bird around Nedlands on your way home no doubt.

  3. Avatar for Tracy Tracy says:

    hmmm… we journeyed home via the coast, Freo, Cottesloe, Stirling Hwy.. or maybe there was another pink bird on Day Release?
    Hope to see you soon Bill!

  4. Avatar for Bill Bill says:

    You are right Tracey, it was Cott – I get lost north of the river…..

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