About Paul

Paul is a born Car Nut, which bewildered his Dad who found it a challenge to pop the hood on the family wagon.

Paul's 59 FC

His first car was a 1959 FC Holden. It featured the best engineering Australia had to offer at the time – errr, bench seats, 2-tone colour scheme and decidedly humpy looks – so he couldn’t help but be envious of American automobile design of the era: a superfluity of chrome, tailfins, technology and awesome styling.

64 Vegas Bird

The Thunderbird epitomised that dream, and when a 1964 hardtop Tbird came up for sale in Mandurah, a tyre-kicking trip turned into a ‘why-not-let’s-get-it’ impulse buy.

3 Views of 57 Tbird

Yet the 1957 Tbird held a special mystique for Paul. Blame it on the ‘mysterious blonde’ in American Grafitti, or maybe the custom cars of Barris. This Dusk Rose model became available about 5 years ago when fellow Tbird tragic, and good friend Tony, required a serious family car. It’s needed little work and is mostly our weekend cruiser. Luckily Paul looks great in pink – who else could wear a pink Hawaiian Tiki shirt?

About the Site

You can’t help but meet lots of interested people who share their memories or appreciation of  the Thunderbird family of cars. As a result, Paul started collecting names and addresses of fellow Tbird owners and has organised a few casual events. This site was created to keep fellow Tbirders up with the news, and share photos of cars and events with locals and perhaps even our international contacts.

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