All Ford Day 2011 – Bassendean Oval

1964 Ford Thunderbird

Earlier this week, rain was forecast for today, but Tracy insisted that All Ford Day is always, but always, hot & cloudless. And it was.

The UV rating was probably as high as the pulse level of revheads as Ford-lovers converged on Bassendean Oval.

There was a great turnout of Thunderbirds, especially from the Golden days of ’57 – ’66. Checkout the gallery, also featuring other notable Fords.
See pics here.

3 Responses to “All Ford Day 2011 – Bassendean Oval”

  1. Avatar for Gretar Jonsson Gretar Jonsson says:

    I like your pic.

  2. Avatar for Bill Bill says:

    Great photos Paul & Tracy – I have been away for the last couple of events so couldn’t come dammit, but am back now so bring on the sunshine, it’s cruising season!!

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