Big Al’s Poker Run 2010

Pirates at checkpoint

Can you believe 2010 is the 30th Anniversary of the Poker Run?

Imagine the car polish and elbow grease involved. Not to mention the carbon dis-credits earned.

This is the fourth year the Cranksters have manned a checkpoint along the route. Keen to surpass our ‘Mexican Border Patrol’ theme last year, some-one suggested ‘Pirates’ – the blame surely rests squarely on Ben’s¬†shoulders, seeing as he was word-perfect on the SpongeBob theme song.

That’s me in the full Pirate costume, after the wig was abandoned due to heat distress. And there were more than enough mullets on display already.

Five pounds lighter today (I don’t recommend brocade jackets or stockings for Perth summers) and hoarse-of-voice (sorry if you were on the receiving end of Pirate Tourette’s), here’s a few choice pics

Have a look-see, Squid-lips.

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