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Cranksters Hot Summer Nights 5

Cranksters Hot Summer Nights 5

Come along to this great event next weekend (28th February) at the new venue, Lilac Hill Reserve. It’s always great to have a few Tbirds along, and this event is fun for the entire family. Bouncy castle, rockabilly bands, market stalls, dancers & stuff, all in the cool, cool of the evening.

Bill (pictured below) is helpfully demonstrating the relaxation technique required to balance in a folding chair and drink a refreshing ale. And talk.

Thunderbirds Hot Summer Nights 5

Read the poster or see the Cranksters facebook page for more info.


Summersun Twilight Cruise 2012

Summersun Cruise to Mandurah 2012

Without my lovely wife/on-board-‘nag’ivator/photographer this year, there’s a bit of a paucity of images. Sorry folks… it ain’t easy steering crossplys across excavated freeway roads, while photographing through the windscreen.

On the plus side, the weather was much cooler than last year, and we didn’t have a cattle truck road-raging alongside.

Check the gallery.

Summersun Mandurah Cruise 2012

Summersun Twilight Cruise

Wednesday Feb 15th, 2012.
Cruise the freeway at Twilight to Mandurah…
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Bakers Hill Pie Run

Thunderbird 1957 perth
Willys coupe racing up the hill
Cranksters Bakers Hill pie run
Bakers Hill pie shop sign

The Cranksters have a little tradition – usually around mid-winter when the weather gets real cold and thoughts turn to baked goods, and plenty of ’em – of meeting early on a Sunday morning and heading up Greenmount Hill, past Mundaring, and up to a wee spot known as Bakers Hill. There’s a small but renowned bake shop where they really know how to make a darn good pie…

If the thought of leaving behind 42 varieties of untasted pies hurts too much, you can always unhitch the caravan and stay the weekend. There’s a Tavern next door for a dram or two of Scottish fluid to warm your heart.

2011 Cranksters Pipeline Picnic

A sunny day, perfect for a run up to Mundaring in the Hills for the Annual Cranksters Pipeline Picnic.

Over 200 cars joined in this year and the Crankster lads organised a great gig with event Tshirt (cool design by Sparky), goody bags and a raffle with varied and useful prizes (air compressor/adultshop toys/screwdriver set anyone?).

Thrilled to see Rob’s 57 black Baby Bird and Crawford & Susan’s 60 Big Bird burning the carbon from the sparkplugs scaling Greenmount Hill.

Pics in the gallery.

Summersun Twilight Cruise 2011

Bill's 59 Square Thunderbird TBird
Summersun cruise

Yesterday was a scorcher, the type of day your shorts are reeaally gonna stick to the vinyl seats!

So a freeway cruise for the roundtrip to Mandurah (about 160kms for us) was a bit of a gamble, when the vintage cooling system tends to be a little hot-tempered. But the clouds rolled in, the temperature dropped somewhat, and it turned out to be a lovely evening (with a welcome breeze in Mandurah).

Turns out the biggest hazard was not overheating, but dodging atomised effluent spraying from a cattle truck en-route. The driver seemed intent on a Duel-type pursuit of the 57 Chev.

Numbers were down this year due to the hot conditions (we saw just 2 Tbirds), but it was a relaxed mid-week cruise. Stalwart Bill wasn’t going to pike out – here’s him running alongside in his beautiful Big Bird.

See a few more pics in the gallery here.

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