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Elgin Park


Michael Paul Smith creates amazing dreamscape miniature models of a 1950’s utopia he calls “Elgin Park”. These deceptively realistic landscapes often feature period automobiles and sometimes, Thunderbirds!

A talented modelmaker, and unassuming gentle guy, Michael has become something of a sensation since his images went viral. This short but very revealing little Vimeo clip will completely captivate you. Take a look.

A Model Affair

Model Thunderbird cars from the 50s & 60s


Guess I was too busy sniffing the “Airfix” glue and building B-29 SuperFortresses, Hawker Hurricanes and Typhoons, as well as the odd Spitifre, to notice all the cool Tbird model kits available back in my youth.

I really like some of the earlier box art illustrations, particularly the 1958 ‘Four-Way Customizing Kit’ above. Love the 62 kit with the blue night-time scene, although not quite sure what the guy beside his ’62 is up to!

Tracy likes the clean-cut employee in the photo above. So wholesome.


Pepto Bismol Special

Guymon Tbird customised

I’ve always found the act of customising a TBird a brave task to undertake.To take a classic piece of American automotive engineering/styling and then rip into it with your oxy & cutting wheel astounds me. Not that I don’t appreciate the end result, infact – far from it (when it’s done tastefully). But where would you start?

I think I’d find it an easier task if you started out with a slightly damaged example, maybe a baby bird which had collected a little rear end bunkle while parked outside the local 7/11 & the owner was inside getting that desperately needed bottle of ‘Pepto Bismol’ for his wife who had partaken in one too many ‘Mad Men’ moments.

I don’t think David Guymon ever had these problems. I’ll let Ryan over at ‘The Jalopy Journal’ tell you the story.

Mobil Modernist Gas Station

Mobil Gas Modernist Service Station

Thanks to the guys at GarageJournal for the great images of Modernist Gas Station Architecture, including this beautiful 1956 Thunderbird at the Mobilgas bowser. Revisit a time when gas-pump jockeys wore bowties and everything was sparkly clean.

Click thru to our links page to waste unknown quantities of time, it’ll get you out of washing the car.

The Von Dwingelo Custom Tbird

Came across this article on the great online archive Modern Mechanix: “A Portfolio of Cars You’d Like to Own” – hell yeah! Some are downright whacky: the ‘Jigger’ resembling a moonbuggy crossed with BurgerKing signage, and the 3-wheeler made from junked parts.

But this ’56 Thunderbird, customised by Don Von Dwingelo & Tony Bruskivage of New Jersey, displays inventive uses of inter-species splicing (Chevy / Olds / Ford)… and would have been impressive in full-colour with its 16 coats of red lacquer. It was insured, back in ’62, for $15,000.

Images from Modern Mechanix

Deville’s Pad: Hot Rods from Hell

A short deviation from Thunderbirds, to bring you some of the fantastic happenings at Deville’s Pad’s hootin’ tootin’ gasoline-fuelled event today.

More leopard-print than a Johnny Weissmuller film, more smoke than a Marlboro convention, more sun and throbbing engines than Daytona Beach!

Where else can you see Hot Rods, tattoos, barbers, babes, BBQ meat, vintage gear, magicians, tiki cocktails, & fab bands… all in one place? Josh & Babs – you stage events like nobody else! See the pics from this fab afternoon here.

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