Christmas Breakfast 2015

Thunderbird Xmas breakfast

Yessiree, it’s everyone’s favourite Car Event of the entire year (& the only one we’ve actually hosted!) – the Annual Tbird Xmas Brekkie!

This year, we’re going riverside. Meet up at the Coode St Jetty carpark, South Perth (right next to the Surfcat hire), for a meet & greet, then breakfast at 8am at the Boatshed Café. If you prefer, there are BBQs in the park, but then you’d have to drive home with the smell of leftover bacon and sausages in your car, wouldn’t you? (maybe that ain’t a bad thing!). There’s an enclosed play area (for the kids, or the birds after a glass of sparkly) and glorious views of the city over the beautiful Swan River.

So rip the dust cover off the Tbird and dig out your elastic-waisted pants. It will be great to catch up with other Tbird owners – come along and make some new friends, and possibly find a solution to that pesky oil leak, the hydraulic system failure (bummer about the aircon), the best way to remove the hardtop on your ’57, or how to eradicate bacon smells from your pristine trunk interior.

Give Paul a call on 0417 766 552 if you’re planning on coming along. Hope to see you then!