Drag/Show Cars

55 Tbird gasser

When too much is er… too much.

Compared to the 55 gasser (top), this Vegas (SEMA) 57 Tbird is waaay over the top. The only thing that outscores it on the vulgar scale is the carpet. You know, Hot Wheels has a lot to answer for.

The 55 is a true ‘gasser’ style car of the 60s, where form and function co-exist. Although you may not want to cruise the freeway at 120 kph with a straight axle.

2 Responses to “Drag/Show Cars”

  1. Avatar for Kevin Kevin says:

    in regards to the commment about the gasser t-bird, i would have to agree. you see, i am the guy that owns the gasser t-bird and i just got done showing against that vulgar 57 t-bird. and i am happy to say i took the show! Thanks, and keep having fun.

    Kevin Doolittle of the Doolittle Bonnell and Clark 55 T-Bird Gasser

  2. Avatar for Paul Paul says:

    Fantastic ‘baby bird’ Kevin, congratulations on your latest win. Please feel free to share some history with us on the ‘Doolittle Bonnell & Clark 55 T- Bird Gasser’ & help spread the T-Bird gospel downunder.

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