Hassles of the Hardtop Roof

Replacing the hardtop roof
Hardtop removal the easy way

Compare the above 2 images. What’s wrong with the second picture?

Anyone out there with a TBird with a removable hardtop will be able to relate to the misleading advertising (or creative licence) of the illustration above.

See the ease with which these 2 be-suited gents can remove the roof, smilingly? As Tracy will attest, the fibreglass shell roof is no featherweight. And after tears were shed (OK, that was me), we decided to agree to leave it to the wonders of engineering to remove and replace the roof.

So I ordered the original Spare Part roof pulley to do the work. In due course, the pulley arrived from Larry’s Tbirds in U.S. After further due course, and due indolence, it was attached to the garage roof.

Problem is, my garage doesn’t exactly feature Cathedral ceilings. So the process of removal involves: removing car cover, reversing the car with pinpoint accuracy, detaching the aerial, attaching the pulley straps, winching the roof, driving the car forward, replacing the aerial, and eventually driving to destination.

To replace the roof, perform the above in reverse order. Or consider the guidance of the ad: “the hardtop can be leaned against the garage door for months!”. Unless you need to use the garage door on a daily basis… in which case whingeing and winching go hand-in-hand.

3 Responses to “Hassles of the Hardtop Roof”

  1. Avatar for Bill Bill says:

    And that is why I do not have convertibles in any way shape or form, too much like hard work! Good work Cap’n Paul.

  2. Avatar for Paul Paul says:

    Yes Bill , all part of the fun – not as lite , as the 50’s promos promised .

  3. Avatar for Mark Mark says:

    Paul,we couldnt even get the pulley system worked out,after getting one sent from California ‘specially’ designed from California.Basically we chucked it in the bottom of some obscure box and have been propping up our hardtop in our back patio area ever since(covered,needless to say)to keep all the daddy-long-legs from crawling all over it.

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