The Kiosk Christmas Breakfast

'57 Tbird at the Beach

Sunday morning, a few days before Christmas, a collection of disparate Tbirds amassed in the Floreat Beach Car Park for a Breakfast meet ‘n greet. It’s almost an annual tradition, and it sure as hell beats Christmas shopping!

Mostly there were the regulars (and a few new friends as well) including: Allan, Neil, Dennis, Paul, Tony, Big Ed and Debbie, Steve Pauline & Adele, Andrew & Claire, Marty & Judy and a bunch of others (some of whom may have told the Missus they were heading up to Bunnings, so we won’t dob you in).

The Pancake Stack didn’t pose a challenge to Paul but Tracy overdosed on Maple Syrup and had to be lightly sedated.

See more images frome the morning here.