Larry Watson R.I.P.

Sadly, Larry Watson passed away on July 20th, a day before his 72nd birthday.
The Custom painter supremo, who created the ‘panel painting’ style most famously on his brand new ’58 T-Bird, will be sadly missed by his fans and admirers.
No doubt there will be plenty of ‘Watson-style’ tribute cars appearing in the future.
RIP Larry.
Images from Kustomland: the Custom Car Photography of James Potter 1955-1959 by Thom Taylor.

2 Responses to “Larry Watson R.I.P.”

  1. Avatar for Tracy Tracy says:

    Larry’s hair is a work of art too.
    I hear he’s pinstriping a 57 Tbird for God right now.

  2. Avatar for Bill Bill says:

    Maybe his passing will spawn a new wave of Watson style tribute cars in the states. Vale Larry, a true legend.

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