Need a Lifeguard?

Someone call the lifeguard

That day the heavens opened and hailstones pounded everything in sight, we held grave fears for the Tbird’s bodywork. Although it’s kept under cover in the garage, we watched in horror as hailstones the size of lemons rebounded onto the car.

The next day we gingerly peeled back the cover and were amazed to see no real signs of damage. We could have used a Lifeguard out front – our front lawn was converted into a lake.

How did your car fare?

One Response to “Need a Lifeguard?”

  1. Avatar for Bill Bill says:

    All good at my place as both birds where nice and dry in the shed. My wife was driving my son-in-laws car at the time and that was damaged substantially.

    I was sitting in sunny Broome at the time…..

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