Post-Christmas Presents?

Here’s a rarity: 2 x 1957 Thunderbirds for sale in Perth right now (well, one’s in Albany, the other in Rockingham).

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Hot Summer Nights 2014

Hot Summer Nights 2014 Cranksters

You’ve carved the turkey, sang Auld Lang Syne & worked off a hangover or two. Now it’s time to have some proper fun!

Start off the New Year right and meet & greet other car-lovin’ folks for the Annual Cranksters’ Hot Summer Nights event. No registration necessary, open to all pre 1978 classics, customs & Hot Rods. We’d love to see a few Tbirds at this fun family event.
View some pics from previous event here.

2013 Christmas Meetup at The Kiosk


Thanks to everyone who joined us at this morning’s annual Christmas Pancake Breakfast. We had about 13 fabulous Tbirds, and met friends old and new for a chinwag and chow-down.

The Kiosk at Fremantle, alongside the River, proved to be a great venue with an inviting stretch of lawn adjoining the café. The day started off overcast, but beautiful blue skies soon appeared. We had several police in attendance, not to enquire about Paul’s Kansas licence plate, but just for a look-see and a chat.

We missed our friend Dennis who sadly passed away in March. His easygoing charm and good humour will be missed.

Check out the day’s pics here.
Merry Christmas and a prosperous, happy New Year to all! Thankyou for your interest and support – we hope to see you in 2014.

2013 Christmas Breakfast Cruise

Tbirds Christmas Breakfast


Ladies & Gents, rev your engines, get your loose trousers pressed… it’s the Annual Tbird Christmas Breakfast.

This year we’re visiting the Kiosk’s southern riverside cousin – the new Kiosk Fremantle. It’s right between the bridges, opposite the old Rotto ferry departure point, at 123 Beach St, East Fremantle. There’s spacious parking across the road, and the same incredible breakfast food as the Kiosk Floreat.

Please call, text or email Paul to confirm you’re coming – we need to book as it’s a somewhat smaller space than Floreat.

So shine up the duco, we’d love to see you and swap stories about the latest epic mechanical hitches!

A Model Affair

Model Thunderbird cars from the 50s & 60s


Guess I was too busy sniffing the “Airfix” glue and building B-29 SuperFortresses, Hawker Hurricanes and Typhoons, as well as the odd Spitifre, to notice all the cool Tbird model kits available back in my youth.

I really like some of the earlier box art illustrations, particularly the 1958 ‘Four-Way Customizing Kit’ above. Love the 62 kit with the blue night-time scene, although not quite sure what the guy beside his ’62 is up to!

Tracy likes the clean-cut employee in the photo above. So wholesome.


Pepto Bismol Special

Guymon Tbird customised

I’ve always found the act of customising a TBird a brave task to undertake.To take a classic piece of American automotive engineering/styling and then rip into it with your oxy & cutting wheel astounds me. Not that I don’t appreciate the end result, infact – far from it (when it’s done tastefully). But where would you start?

I think I’d find it an easier task if you started out with a slightly damaged example, maybe a baby bird which had collected a little rear end bunkle while parked outside the local 7/11 & the owner was inside getting that desperately needed bottle of ‘Pepto Bismol’ for his wife who had partaken in one too many ‘Mad Men’ moments.

I don’t think David Guymon ever had these problems. I’ll let Ryan over at ‘The Jalopy Journal’ tell you the story.