Pepto Bismol Special

Guymon Tbird customised

I’ve always found the act of customising a TBird a brave task to undertake.To take a classic piece of American automotive engineering/styling and then rip into it with your oxy & cutting wheel astounds me. Not that I don’t appreciate the end result, infact – far from it (when it’s done tastefully). But where would you start?

I think I’d find it an easier task if you started out with a slightly damaged example, maybe a baby bird which had collected a little rear end bunkle while parked outside the local 7/11 & the owner was inside getting that desperately needed bottle of ‘Pepto Bismol’ for his wife who had partaken in one too many ‘Mad Men’ moments.

I don’t think David Guymon ever had these problems. I’ll let Ryan over at ‘The Jalopy Journal’ tell you the story.