Pimp My Garage

Graffiti hot rod images wall

Well O.K., I’m not a pimp, this isn’t my garage, and no TBirds were involved. But hey, anyone could apply this concept to a spare garage wall at home, as long as your wife doesn’t mind hanging out her washing in front of some hot rod ‘art’.

With the aid of an overhead projector (old school) and a couple of mates from the Cranksters Rod & Kustom Club (also old school, apart from young Ben), and with the inducement of beers and BBQ, we painted a vacant wall at the company yard (sick of staring at that blank brick wall!).

The closest thing to a pimp would be found at the fine establishment around the corner, referred to colloquially as the ‘Rub & Tug’. But ladies, your husbands were all well-behaved and were restricted to the premises.

Only problem was, incoming gear returned to the yard the next week somewhat obscured our handiwork.

The subject matter? – a late-20s track racer, custom ’41 Ford coupe, and a ’36 Ford coupe. Materials required – a tin of red paint, black paint, couple of brushes, and a few steaks.