Squarebirds at Bill’s

Square Birds R Go
Square Thunderbird

Last Saturday Bill invited a couple of Tbird Tragics (and a Fairlane) over to his garage for an informal howdy and a chinwag. It’s great to see one of his lovingly maintained Square Birds out and about – one of a striking couple! Luckily they escaped the hail wreckage a couple of months ago.

Bill spends some time in Broome – and wouldn’t we all love to be there basking in some sunshine? – but when in Perth he’ll come to the unveiling of a Tbird seat cover, he’s so keen. See the Big Al’s gallery for a couple more pics of his cars on the road.

Check out more pics in the gallery here.

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  1. Avatar for Bill Bill says:

    Great work on the piccies Paul and a good day it was looking at all that metal. We will do it again soon, but be much better organised with a full on BBQ etc and many more invitees. Plenty of room in that carpark for more cars!

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