Summersun Twilight Cruise 2011

Bill's 59 Square Thunderbird TBird
Summersun cruise

Yesterday was a scorcher, the type of day your shorts are reeaally gonna stick to the vinyl seats!

So a freeway cruise for the roundtrip to Mandurah (about 160kms for us) was a bit of a gamble, when the vintage cooling system tends to be a little hot-tempered. But the clouds rolled in, the temperature dropped somewhat, and it turned out to be a lovely evening (with a welcome breeze in Mandurah).

Turns out the biggest hazard was not overheating, but dodging atomised effluent spraying from a cattle truck en-route. The driver seemed intent on a Duel-type pursuit of the 57 Chev.

Numbers were down this year due to the hot conditions (we saw just 2 Tbirds), but it was a relaxed mid-week cruise. Stalwart Bill wasn’t going to pike out – here’s him running alongside in his beautiful Big Bird.

See a few more pics in the gallery here.

2 Responses to “Summersun Twilight Cruise 2011”

  1. Avatar for Bill Bill says:

    Well covered again Tracy. And yes we got covered in that atomised ahem, effluent…as well. Thank our lucky stars we werent in the 57 Chev, perhaps Dennis Hopper was.
    All in all a great cruise as usual, well done the organisers and the Mandurah locals!

  2. Avatar for Paul Paul says:

    Actually, it was Dennis Weaver! But yeah, those poor dudes in the Tub!
    Great to see you guys.

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