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Annual Pancake Meet


Well folks, the year is fast drawing to a close… and that means it’s time for the Annual Tbird Christmas Breakfast. The day in your diary we’ve all been dieting for.

Once again, we’re visiting the Kiosk Fremantle,  between the bridges, opposite the old Rotto ferry departure point, at 123 Beach St, East Fremantle. There’s spacious parking on the grass (Paul has custom ramps ready for those low-slung undercarriages), wonderful breakfast food and coffee. Even better, the Kiosk is now licensed for alcohol, which means the missus can down some celebratory bubbles. Or the blokes, if so inclined.

Please call, text or email Paul to confirm you’re coming as we need to book.

So clear the diary for Sunday the 7th, and come join your fellow Tbird owners for a chinwag and coffee!

4th of July Down Under

Here on the underside of the world, it’s usually raining for 4th of July celebrations. But this year the weather gods didn’t dampen the party, and a big crowd of our U.S. pals turned up at Kardinya (just south of Perth) for the annual A.W.C. Fair. If the hot dogs, popcorn, donuts, candy, Millers and salsa sauce didn’t stir up the homesickness, the bouncy castle sure would.

Rumours that Elvis arrived in the big ole ‘Tupelo’ Cadillac were eventually dispelled… but it would have explained the ‘sold out’ sign at the Krispy Kreme counter.

Paul and I waited in line for a hotdog, and dressed in patriotic colours for the occasion. We even affixed a U.S. flag to the back aerial, embassy-style. Happy Birthday Uncle Sam.

Snaps of Tbirds, Mustangs, Cadillacs, Jeeps and assorted sights here.

Squarebirds at Bill’s

Square Birds R Go
Square Thunderbird

Last Saturday Bill invited a couple of Tbird Tragics (and a Fairlane) over to his garage for an informal howdy and a chinwag. It’s great to see one of his lovingly maintained Square Birds out and about – one of a striking couple! Luckily they escaped the hail wreckage a couple of months ago.

Bill spends some time in Broome – and wouldn’t we all love to be there basking in some sunshine? – but when in Perth he’ll come to the unveiling of a Tbird seat cover, he’s so keen. See the Big Al’s gallery for a couple more pics of his cars on the road.

Check out more pics in the gallery here.

Paso Robles T-Birds 2002

Travel back a little in time to when the beautiful Californian town of Paso Robles hosted the famed West Coast Kustoms car event over the Memorial Day weekend in May. Just before the earthquake a year or two later, and then the show moved South.

We travelled there in 2002 (little did Tracy realise that the entire 6-week round-the-world trip was choreographed to this one weekend).

These video snippets (amateur warning alert!) capture some famed show T-Birds (including the electric green 1963, which now resides in the U.K.; the renowned ‘Time Machine’ which has won more than its own weight in shiny trophies; plus a couple of 50s Birds) and a taste of West Coast car culture.

Plus to recreate the atmosphere, some very high-pitched American accents, extremely loud car noises, and a couple of em-Barrised moments (“is that a 61 or 62?”).

And the $10,000 question: why-oh-why didn’t Paul ask Barris for his autograph? or Von Franco? or Shige?

Cranksters Pipeline Picnic 2010

When it’s hot in Perth, it’s gonna be Flamin’ Hot in Mundaring… and Sunday was no exception. And to intensify the discomfort, there was 90% humidity too, and some-one had the great idea of ordering black Tshirts!

The annual Cranksters Pipeline Picnic/Cruise from metro Perth to the Mundaring Hills was a huge success (declaring an interest here – I’m a Crankster member). We had over 175 entrants, and possibly a few stragglers joined the line snaking up the hill. Several nice Thunderbirds too.

The Mundaring Hotel publican had welcome amber brews awaiting the thirsty hordes. A few ventured outside to browse the marketstalls after the steak sandwiches and roast dinners were polished off. There was a free raffle for the major prizes donated by Cranksters’ generous supporters – and you’ve never seen an elderly gent move faster when he was announced the winner of the Adultshop prize (suddenly the walking stick was redundant – maybe Mundaring is the Lourdes of the 21st century).

Check out a few pics here in the Gallery.

Big Al’s Poker Run 2010

Pirates at checkpoint

Can you believe 2010 is the 30th Anniversary of the Poker Run?

Imagine the car polish and elbow grease involved. Not to mention the carbon dis-credits earned.

This is the fourth year the Cranksters have manned a checkpoint along the route. Keen to surpass our ‘Mexican Border Patrol’ theme last year, some-one suggested ‘Pirates’ – the blame surely rests squarely on Ben’s shoulders, seeing as he was word-perfect on the SpongeBob theme song.

That’s me in the full Pirate costume, after the wig was abandoned due to heat distress. And there were more than enough mullets on display already.

Five pounds lighter today (I don’t recommend brocade jackets or stockings for Perth summers) and hoarse-of-voice (sorry if you were on the receiving end of Pirate Tourette’s), here’s a few choice pics

Have a look-see, Squid-lips.

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