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Annual Pancake Meet


Well folks, the year is fast drawing to a close… and that means it’s time for the Annual Tbird Christmas Breakfast. The day in your diary we’ve all been dieting for.

Once again, we’re visiting the Kiosk Fremantle,  between the bridges, opposite the old Rotto ferry departure point, at 123 Beach St, East Fremantle. There’s spacious parking on the grass (Paul has custom ramps ready for those low-slung undercarriages), wonderful breakfast food and coffee. Even better, the Kiosk is now licensed for alcohol, which means the missus can down some celebratory bubbles. Or the blokes, if so inclined.

Please call, text or email Paul to confirm you’re coming as we need to book.

So clear the diary for Sunday the 7th, and come join your fellow Tbird owners for a chinwag and coffee!

The Kiosk Christmas Breakfast

'57 Tbird at the Beach

Sunday morning, a few days before Christmas, a collection of disparate Tbirds amassed in the Floreat Beach Car Park for a Breakfast meet ‘n greet. It’s almost an annual tradition, and it sure as hell beats Christmas shopping!

Mostly there were the regulars (and a few new friends as well) including: Allan, Neil, Dennis, Paul, Tony, Big Ed and Debbie, Steve Pauline & Adele, Andrew & Claire, Marty & Judy and a bunch of others (some of whom may have told the Missus they were heading up to Bunnings, so we won’t dob you in).

The Pancake Stack didn’t pose a challenge to Paul but Tracy overdosed on Maple Syrup and had to be lightly sedated.

See more images frome the morning here.