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Summersun Twilight Cruise 2010

Last night we joined the line-up of customs, classics and hotrods snaking along the Freeway to Mandurah, for the Summersun Twilight Cruise. We took the ’50 Chevy Pickup for a run, and apart from incidental deafness and tinnitus, we had no trouble at all.

On arrival, there were scores of cars – a great display. Tracy’s experiment shooting non-flash photos proved disastrous – but she did pretty good with the video. Although points deducted for not shooting the lineup of vehicles parked along the foreshore. Oh wait, that’s probably Paul’s fault for not doing a drive-by.

Anyway, see the little 1-minute travelogue below. There are a couple of TBirds, and an array of rods and customs overtaking us along the way. Had to suppress the soundtrack for copyright restrictions – just imagine Elvis’ TrainRide playing while we await his permission to use it.

Join in next year – the most fun you can have on a mid-week night without getting arrested (no guarantees though).