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Cranksters Pipeline Picnic 2010

When it’s hot in Perth, it’s gonna be Flamin’ Hot in Mundaring… and Sunday was no exception. And to intensify the discomfort, there was 90% humidity too, and some-one had the great idea of ordering black Tshirts!

The annual Cranksters Pipeline Picnic/Cruise from metro Perth to the Mundaring Hills was a huge success (declaring an interest here – I’m a Crankster member). We had over 175 entrants, and possibly a few stragglers joined the line snaking up the hill. Several nice Thunderbirds too.

The Mundaring Hotel publican had welcome amber brews awaiting the thirsty hordes. A few ventured outside to browse the marketstalls after the steak sandwiches and roast dinners were polished off. There was a free raffle for the major prizes donated by Cranksters’ generous supporters – and you’ve never seen an elderly gent move faster when he was announced the winner of the Adultshop prize (suddenly the walking stick was redundant – maybe Mundaring is the Lourdes of the 21st century).

Check out a few pics here in the Gallery.

The Kiosk Christmas Breakfast

'57 Tbird at the Beach

Sunday morning, a few days before Christmas, a collection of disparate Tbirds amassed in the Floreat Beach Car Park for a Breakfast meet ‘n greet. It’s almost an annual tradition, and it sure as hell beats Christmas shopping!

Mostly there were the regulars (and a few new friends as well) including: Allan, Neil, Dennis, Paul, Tony, Big Ed and Debbie, Steve Pauline & Adele, Andrew & Claire, Marty & Judy and a bunch of others (some of whom may have told the Missus they were heading up to Bunnings, so we won’t dob you in).

The Pancake Stack didn’t pose a challenge to Paul but Tracy overdosed on Maple Syrup and had to be lightly sedated.

See more images frome the morning here.

Coastal Cruise

Thunderbirds lined up

Diagonal shot of TBirds

Back in 2006 a few TBird friends met in Freo for a coastal cruise one HOT afternoon. Summer drives in Perth are testing on a vintage radiator, and yes we did have one overheating incident. (And one guy shouting abuse as he drove by… in a Commodore.)

Afterwards, the boys – and the usual requisite girl, Tracy – indulged in a welcome amber brew at North Beach.

The cars belong to: Neil, Paul, Paul & Tracy, Ray and Tony. That’s one helluva lot of glare in one carpark!