The Von Dwingelo Custom Tbird

Came across this article on the great online archive Modern Mechanix: “A Portfolio of Cars You’d Like to Own” – hell yeah! Some are downright whacky: the ‘Jigger’ resembling a moonbuggy crossed with BurgerKing signage, and the 3-wheeler made from junked parts.

But this ’56 Thunderbird, customised by Don Von Dwingelo & Tony Bruskivage of New Jersey, displays inventive uses of inter-species splicing (Chevy / Olds / Ford)… and would have been impressive in full-colour with its 16 coats of red lacquer. It was insured, back in ’62, for $15,000.

Images from Modern Mechanix

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  1. Avatar for Bill Bill says:

    That is a cool ride, would have loved to seen what 16 coats of red looks like!

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