Twin TBirds

1957 Ford Thunderbird
1957 Ford Thunderbird

Spot the difference…

Just before Christmas, the Cranksters held their Christmas Picnic at Whiteman Park – the deciding factor being the onsite Car Museum, but the guys said it was because there was a swimming pool. It was about 40degrees and poor Santa suffered in his polyester suit.

Anyway, the Museum holds a match to our 1957 Dusk Rose Thunderbird, and despite urban legend that the 2 cars have never been sighted together (much the same as LaToya and Michael Jackson), they are different cars! The Whiteman Park Tbird was owned by Paul Terry, a WA entrepeneur who passed away some years ago. Our Tbird was imported from the States by our friend Tony sometime last decade.

Actually, the cars have been in the same room before, as our mechanic will attest. We once booked the Tbird in for repairs and the Terry Tbird was already in the garage! That was slightly weird.